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Sud de France

Sud de France, the products of the Occitanie region’s brand


The brand in Occitanie attractiveness’ service


Sud de France is the regional reference brand borne by the Occitanie region since 2006 and aims at fostering the local, national and international marketing of food and wine industries’ products as well as increasing the arrival of tourists on its territory.

Sud de France represents a genuine quality guarantee and enhances the Occitanie’ savoir-faire.



The brand in Occitanie products and their marketing’ service

The goal of the 2000 members of the Sud de France brand businesses is to spread our region influence worldwide where the Mediterranean art de vivre is recognized. Guarantee of the origins and quality of its products, the Sud de France brand aims at making the consumer’s choice easier.


The food products from Occitanie represent the lifestyle of the south of France and are all about authenticity, sharing and getting-together.  They are the expression of the region’s natural wealth characterised by the sunny Mediterranean climate, the fertile plains, the wild mountains, the many rivers and the Mediterranean sea.


By uniting and coordinating most of the Occitanie region food industry players, the Sud de France brand establishes a unique strike force. It is efficiently highlighting the regional products in various French and worldwide shops.


Abroad, Sud de France Développement and the Maisons de la Région Occitanie, under the banner of Sud de France, allow the food industry businesses to be represented on 5 continents and in more than 30 countries thanks to a yearly 400 actions schedule.







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