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Multi-territorial, the Occitanie/Pyrenees-Mediterranean region is strengthened by its various terroirs. In fact, with more than 250 referenced products, it is the first European region to have this much labeled PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin), PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and Label Rouge (Indicator of quality for French food) products.
From the departments shaping the mediterranean arc, from mountain to sea, from the Hauts Cantons to lowlands, from Camargue to Côte Vermeille,that is how an abundance of local product can be found and is the fundamental of the south cuisine, sunny and sophisticated.

The Mediterranean Basin, from mountain to the sea, from the Hauts Cantons to lowlands, from Camargue to Côte Vermeille, the multitude of the specialities you can find in those place shaped the South of France cuisine, allowing it to become the sunny and sophisticated cuisine you know nowadays.

Oyster from the ponds of Leucate, Gruissau or Thau. Anchovy from Collioure, Brandade (cod and potatoes based dish) of Nîmes, Pélardon (goat cheese) and sweet onions from Cévennes, eel, melon, and lamb of the Cathar land, apricot of Rousillon, bream, asparagus of the Uzes’ municipality, chickpea, small pâté of Pezenas or Nîmes, Truffade (potato and cheese dish), Rousquille (small shortbread biscuit covered in sugar shaped as a crown), Gariguette (Variety of Strawberry)… Thus offering a rich and considerable range of flavours.

In the Tarn-et-Garonne county, they are the fruits to lead this area where the grapes – including est mieux the famous Chasselas grape from Moissac -, the melon and the plum abound. In the Haute-Garonne county, we are extremely proud of the famous sausage from Toulouse, which obtained a Label Rouge, not forgetting to mention the Pyrenean lamb. The Gers and Lot counties have the traditional duck farming in common, to essentially produce foie gras on one hand and duck breast fillet or confit of duck from the other side.

The Ariège and Aveyron are territories known for their meat, in which, between the Gascon beef, the farmhouse Aubrac beef and the Aveyron veal we reach the excellence. The Tarn county has an established reputation in regard to salting, whether it be the cured PGI ham from Lacaune or the melsat -this white pudding made of meat, eggs and bread-. The black pork from Bigorre does Hautes-Pyrénées county pride, whereas the Gers, the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Haute-Garonne and the Ariège counties share their strengths to rekindle the Gasconne chicken. It is known as boiled chicken and famous to have been king Henry IV’s promised dish to his farmers, not wanting them to starve!

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